English Tea Time #14 – Losing Weight

Nick's English Tea Time

Hello there! In today’s newsletter, I’d like to talk about going on a diet.

I’ve got some belly fat, so I need to start a diet (no more chocolate!) and do some exercise. But if I’m going to lose weight, I need to measure my progress. For body weight, I can stand on some bathroom scales or check my waistline with a measuring tape. If I go for a walk, I can use a smartphone app to track how far I go or how many steps I take. I can even see how many calories I’ve burned.

Learning New Words

Measuring your progress is important when you are learning English, too. Here’s an idea for learning new words:

  1. Select a Novel: Choose an English novel (storybook) that is appropriate for your CEFR level.
  2. Read and Record New Words:
    • Read the first page and write down every unfamiliar (new) word in a notebook.
    • Assume (imagine) there are 20 new words on the first page.
    • Look up each word’s meaning and make an effort to remember them.
  3. Continue Reading:
    • Move to the second page and repeat the process (steps).
    • Record (write down) any new words that you don’t know.
  4. Identify Repeating Vocabulary:
    • By the third page, start noticing if any words are repeated from the previous pages.
    • This repetition helps you memorise (remember) them.
  5. Progress Through the Book:
    • Keep doing this process as you read through to the 50th page.
    • You should notice the number of new words per page decrease (go down) as words are repeated.

When you get near the end of the book, you should encounter (come across) fewer new words and find the book easier to read than when you started!

British English

Back to the topic of losing weight, here are some common phrases used to talk about dieting:

  1. I’m on a diet, so I have to watch what I eat.
  2. I need to cut down on sweets if I want to shed (lose) some pounds.
  3. I’ve started counting calories to try and lose weight.
  4. I’m trying to eat more fruit and veg (vegetables) to slim (thin) down.
  5. I’ve cut out (stopped eating) fast food to get back in shape.

New Videos and Worksheets

Here are the latest videos and worksheets I’ve made:




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