Japanese company creates special backpacks for dogs

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Date: 2023/12/09

Difficulty: Elementary A2

PDF: Japanese company creates special backpacks for dogs
YouTube: Japanese company creates special backpacks for dogs

Vocabulary Match

leather -   - same style
matching -   - animal skin
leash -   - items
collars -   - neckbands
carrier -   - lead
products -   - transport bag


A Japanese company, Tsuchiya Kaban, has made a special bag for dogs. It's named "randoseru," like the backpacks that Japanese kids use for school. Now, dogs can carry their toys and snacks in these randoserus.

The bag is made of leather and fits small dogs under 8 kilograms well. A matching leash is available for walking the dog, and there's a longer strap for carrying the bag. It will cost around $500 and be available in over 50 countries starting December 14.

Tsuchiya Kaban, known for leather goods, is also making other pet products including dog collars and a larger pet carrier. The collars will be priced at about $115, and the bigger carrier at around $2,500.


  1. What can dogs use the backpack for?
  2. What accessories are available for the backpack?
  3. How much will the backpack cost?
  4. What is Tsuchiya Kaban known for?


A: Hey, did you hear about the new dog backpacks?
B: No, what about them?
A: They're like the backpacks Japanese kids use, but for dogs!
B: Cute! What do dogs need backpacks for? Homework?
A: Haha, no! Just for their toys and snacks. Plus, they're comfy.
B: Oh! My dog could carry my phone, wallet and keys for me!


  1. Would you buy a backpack for your pet?
  2. What other products would you like to see for pets?
  3. Do you think pets enjoy wearing accessories?
  4. What do you think about Japanese schoolbags?

Vocabulary Answers

leather → animal skin
matching → same style
leash → lead
collars → neckbands
carrier → transport bag
products → items

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. They can use the backpack to carry toys and snacks.
  2. A matching leash and a longer strap.
  3. The backpack will cost around $500.
  4. Tsuchiya Kaban is known for leather goods.

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