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[A2] News (2024/02/22)
Deer crashes into Old Navy store

[A1] Easy English (2024/02/20)
Tessa's tower of shoes

[B1] True Stories (2024/02/16)
How two ice dancers amazed the world

[B1] News (2024/02/15)
Is British food misunderstood in Japan?

[A1] Easy English (2024/02/12)
Mike and his twin brother

[B1] True Stories (2024/02/08)
The youngest person to sail solo around the world

[B1] News (2024/02/07)
285-year-old lemon fetches more at auction than antique chest

[B1] True Stories (2024/02/02)
The racehorse that became a painter

[A2] News (2024/01/30)
Man opens airplane door and walks on wing

[A1] Easy English (2024/01/30)
Saya's new fruit juice

[B1] News (2024/01/26)
Ugly lawn wins international contest

[B1] True Stories (2024/01/24)
The woman who remembers every day

[B1] News (2024/01/24)
Woman's unusual pronunciation of 'broccoli' goes viral on TikTok

[A1] Easy English (2024/01/21)
Donna's full closet

[B1] True Stories (2024/01/17)
Piano found on the UK's tallest mountain

[B1] News (2024/01/16)
Hole in the road brings dead man back to life

[A1] Easy English (2024/01/15)
Mari's missing chopsticks

[B2] News (2024/01/11)
Tourist trap? The price of food in Niseko

[B1] True Stories (2024/01/10)
Indian village plants 111 trees for every girl born

[A1] Easy English (2024/01/08)
Ben's amazing grape art

CEFR → 英検® (Eiken )

  • A1 → 3級
  • A1, A2 → 準2級
  • A2, B1 → 2級
  • B1, B2 → 準1級
  • B2, C1 → 1級