Man steals ambulance from hospital

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Date: 2023/11/13

Difficulty: Elementary A2

PDF: Man steals ambulance from hospital

Vocabulary Match

ambulance -   - disappeared
paramedics -   - beer, wine
patient -   - medical helpers
gone -   - sick person
alcohol -   - air from mouth
breath -   - emergency vehicle


A man, 51 years old, was taken by police on Sunday. They think he took an ambulance from a hospital near Tokyo. The man, named Keiichi Kudo, said he sat in the ambulance, but he didn't remember driving it away. He might have been drinking too much alcohol.

The local fire department said the ambulance was parked at the hospital. The paramedics were helping a patient inside the hospital. When they came back, the ambulance was gone. Later, police found the ambulance on a road. It was about 400 meters away from the hospital.

Keiichi Kudo said, "I cannot remember driving it away." The police found that he had too much alcohol in his breath. They think he might have been drinking too much before he took the ambulance.


  1. Where was the ambulance parked?
  2. Where did the police find the ambulance?
  3. What did the police find in the man's breath?


A: Did you hear about the ambulance that got stolen?
B: No, what happened?
A: Some guy took it from the hospital.
B: What? Why would he do that?
A: They think he was drunk. He doesn't even remember driving it.
B: Wow, that's crazy!


  1. Have you ever done something and not remembered it later?
  2. What would you do if you saw someone trying to steal an ambulance?
  3. How would you feel if you somebody stole something from you?
  4. Do you think drinking too much alcohol is a big problem in society?

Vocabulary Answers

ambulance → emergency vehicle
paramedics → medical helpers
patient → sick person
gone → disappeared
alcohol → beer, wine
breath → air from mouth

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. The ambulance was parked at the hospital.
  2. The police found the ambulance on a road.
  3. They found too much alcohol in the man's breath.

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