Friendly alligator visits baseball stadium

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Date: 2023/10/13

Difficulty: Intermediate B1

PDF: Friendly alligator visits baseball stadium

Vocabulary Match

unexpected -   - plan
considered -   - thought of
affectionate -   - surprising
intend -   - unstopped
permitted -   - allowed
undeterred -   - loving


Wally, a friendly alligator with tens of thousands of social media followers, recently visited the Philadelphia Phillies baseball stadium with his owner, Joie Henney. Wally isn't just a pet; he's considered by Joie as an 'emotional support' animal and is well-known for his calm and affectionate nature, frequently seen in social media posts giving hugs and kisses to people.

They didn't intend to watch the game that day but hoped to introduce the players to the gentle alligator. However, their plans took a different turn. The stadium has strict rules about animals, only allowing certain service animals inside.

Despite Wally's gentle nature and popularity, he and Joie were not permitted entry. Undeterred, Joie mentioned they'd try again another time, hopeful for a future meeting between the players and Wally. Their unusual yet heartwarming story continues to capture the public's attention, spreading smiles online.


  1. What is Wally known for in social media posts?
  2. Why were Wally and Joie not allowed inside the stadium?
  3. What did Joie mention they would do in the future?


Reporter: Hi Joie, I heard you and Wally share a quite special bond!
Joie: Yes, we do, we even sleep in the same bed together.
Reporter: Sleeping with an alligator sounds dangerous! Aren't you ever scared?
Joie: Not at all! Wally is very gentle and has never tried to bite me.
Reporter: That's so fascinating! Do you and Wally do other activities together?
Joie: Absolutely! We watch TV, visit friends, and he even has a TikTok!


  1. Have you heard any other stories about emotional support animals?
  2. If you had an emotional support animal, where would you like to take it?
  3. Do you follow any animals on social media? Why or why not?

Vocabulary Answers

unexpected → surprising
considered → thought of
affectionate → loving
intend → plan
permitted → allowed
undeterred → unstopped

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. He's known for his calm and affectionate nature, often giving hugs and kisses to people.
  2. They weren't allowed inside the stadium because of the strict rules about animals.
  3. He mentioned they would try again another time for a future meeting between the players and Wally.

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