Japan's politicians showcase regional produce in whimsical headgear

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Date: 2023/07/06

Difficulty: Proficient C2

PDF: Japan's politicians showcase regional produce in whimsical headgear

Vocabulary Match

whimsy -   - highlighting
distinctive -   - unique
underscoring -   - captivating
permeates -   - playfulness
engaging -   - strengthening
bolstering -   - pervades


In a distinctive blend of whimsy and duty, Japan's politicians often sport headgear fashioned after local produce or specialties, underscoring their commitment to regional industries. This notable trend permeates the political landscape, regardless of year or office.

Examples abound. Prime Minister Kishida once appeared in a mikan (mandarin orange) hat, paying homage to Ehime's citrus industry. Miyazaki's deputy governor sported a kumquat hat, embodying the prefecture's citrus variety. Yamagata's governors, cherry-topped, and Ehime's governor, in another mikan hat, are part of this engaging spectacle. Even Aichi Governor Hideaki Ōmura has donned headwear resembling local specialty fried chicken wings.

This vibrant display signifies politicians' unwavering support for their regions' agricultural products, capturing public attention and bolstering regional economies. With a playful approach, these leaders demonstrate that agricultural promotion can be both engaging and effective.


  1. What do Japan's politicians often wear on their heads?
  2. What was different about Hideaki Ōmura's headwear?


A: Did you see the governor's chicken wing hat?
B: Sure did! Weirdly, it made me crave KFC.
A: Me too, even though he's promoting local wings.
B: Well, the colonel's secret recipe is hard to resist!
A: So much for boosting local chicken sales.
B: Yep, their branding strategy backfired a bit there.


  1. What kind of hat would you wear to represent your region?
  2. Do you think politicians wearing unique headgear helps promote regional industries?
  3. Can you think of any other creative ways to promote local regions?
  4. Would you ever wear something unusual to make a statement?

Vocabulary Answers

whimsy → playfulness
distinctive → unique
underscoring → highlighting
permeates → pervades
engaging → captivating
bolstering → strengthening

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. Headgear fashioned after local produce or specialties.
  2. The other politicians wore fruit, but Ōmura wore fired chicken.

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