Tokyo Disney Resort tickets reach unprecedented heights

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Date: 2023/06/30

Difficulty: Upper Intermediate B2

PDF: Tokyo Disney Resort tickets reach unprecedented heights

Vocabulary Match

reflecting -   - factors
hike -   - higher
grappling -   - showing
deploy -   - implement
considerations -   - struggling
inflated -   - increase


From later this year, Tokyo Disney Resort will boost its ticket prices, surpassing the 10,000 yen mark ($70) for the first time in its 40-year history. The cost of a peak-time single-day ticket will climb to 10,900 yen by October, reflecting a 1,500 yen hike. This shift mirrors Japan's inflation trend, with businesses grappling with increased costs for energy, raw materials, and manpower.

Tokyo Disney will also deploy a six-tier pricing structure, adjusting adult ticket prices from 7,900 yen to 10,900 yen based on crowd levels and other considerations. The existing four-tier system ranges from 7,900 yen to 9,400 yen. Similar six-tier pricing will apply to middle and high school students, from 6,600 yen to 9,000 yen, while children's ticket prices remain steady at 4,700 yen to 5,600 yen.

These new prices are nearly triple those at the park's 1983 opening. Other Japanese theme parks, like Universal Studios Japan, are also hiking their prices due to increased costs. Nonetheless, attendance impact is predicted to be minor, as the inflated prices will only be valid during peak periods.


  1. What is the price increase for the peak-time single-day ticket?
  2. What are the new ticket prices for middle and high school students?


A: Hey, did you hear about the ticket prices going up at Disneyland?
B: Yeah, it's crazy! It was already too expensive to begin with.
A: I know, right? I'm not sure I can ever afford to go again.
B: I guess it costs a lot more to run the park these days.
A: Or maybe Mickey Mouse threatened to quit if he didn't get a pay rise!
B: (laughs) Yeah, it wouldn't be Disneyland without Mickey Mouse.


  1. Do you think the price increase will affect your decision to visit Tokyo Disney Resort?
  2. What are some alternative ways to enjoy entertainment without spending a lot of money?

Vocabulary Answers

reflecting → showing
hike → increase
grappling → struggling
deploy → implement
considerations → factors
inflated → higher

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. The price increase for the peak-time single-day ticket is 1,500 yen.
  2. The new ticket prices for middle and high school students will range from 6,600 yen to 9,000 yen.

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