Stewie the calf escapes slaughterhouse and finds new home

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Date: 2023/04/11

Difficulty: Upper Intermediate B2

PDF: Stewie the calf escapes slaughterhouse and finds new home
YouTube: Stewie the calf escapes slaughterhouse and finds new home

Vocabulary Match

slaughterhouse -   - butchery
evading -   - cherished
intervene -   - refuge
sanctuary -   - a disturbance
a stir -   - interfere
beloved -   - avoiding


A young calf named Stewie caused quite a stir in Brooklyn this week after escaping from a slaughterhouse and running through the streets.

Videos captured the four-month-old calf evading cars and people as he tried to avoid capture. Eventually, he was caught and returned to the slaughterhouse, but a New Jersey-based animal sanctuary called Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue decided to intervene.

The sanctuary made a public appeal for Stewie's release, and supporters flooded the slaughterhouse with calls. The slaughterhouse eventually agreed to let the sanctuary take Stewie in.

In a video shared on social media, Skylands founder Mike Stura can be seen welcoming Stewie to the sanctuary, where he'll join a community of other rescued animals. According to the sanctuary's website, all of the animals there are given a safe place to live out their lives in the company of others of their kind.

Stewie's story is sure to make him a beloved addition to the sanctuary's family.


  1. How did Stewie try to avoid capture?
  2. What did the sanctuary do to get Stewie released?


A: Hey, did you see that calf running down the street?
B: Yeah, I heard he escaped from a slaughterhouse.
A: Poor thing, he looked so scared dodging all those cars.
B: I hope someone catches him soon and gets him out of there.
A: Actually, a sanctuary in New Jersey just took him in!
B: That's great news! He'll finally have a chance at a happy life.


  1. If you saw a calf running away from a slaughterhouse, what would you think?
  2. Do you eat meat? What are some of your favorite meat dishes?
  3. Would you consider going vegetarian or vegan? Why or why not?
  4. Would you like to adopt a rescued animal from a sanctuary?

Vocabulary Answers

slaughterhouse → butchery
evading → avoiding
intervene → interfere
sanctuary → refuge
a stir → a disturbance
beloved → cherished

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. By evading cars and people.
  2. The sanctuary appealed to the public.

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