Samurai swordfight after Monopoly game in Brussels

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Date: 2023/04/05

Difficulty: Elementary A2

PDF: Samurai swordfight after Monopoly game in Brussels
YouTube: Samurai swordfight after Monopoly game in Brussels

Vocabulary Match

pavement -   - shown
holster -   - case
life-threatening -   - released
discharged -   - dangerous
exposed -   - sidewalk
arrested -   - caught by police


A fight broke out in Brussels when four people were playing Monopoly on the pavement outside a house. A man came out of his house with a stick and argued with the Monopoly players. The man's son then came out with a Japanese samurai sword in its holster.

During the fight, the sword was exposed and the son and one of the Monopoly players were injured. They were taken to hospital and both were arrested. The Monopoly player was later discharged, but the resident's son was said to be in a life-threatening condition. The street was left with blood and Monopoly cards.


  1. What did the man with a stick do?
  2. How many people were injured during the fight?


A: : Hey! What are you doing with that sword?
B: : I'm just showing it to my friends, don't worry.
A: : That doesn't look safe. You should put it away.
B: : Oh come on. It's not like I'm going to hurt anyone.
A: : Well, you just injured two people with it!
B: : Wait, what? Oh no, I didn't mean for that to happen!
A: : Next time, maybe stick to playing Monopoly.


  1. Have you ever played Monopoly? Did you like it?
  2. What other board games have you played?
  3. Are you very competitive? Is winning important to you? Why?
  4. Have you ever been in a fight? What happened?

Vocabulary Answers

pavement → sidewalk
holster → case
life-threatening → dangerous
discharged → released
exposed → shown
arrested → caught by police

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. He argued with the Monopoly players.
  2. Two people were injured.

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