Budget-friendly Valentine’s ideas for cash-strapped couples

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Date: 2023/02/04

Difficulty: Upper intermediate B2

PDF: Budget-friendly Valentine’s ideas for cash-strapped couples
YouTube: Budget-friendly Valentine’s ideas for cash-strapped couples

Vocabulary Match

penny-pinching -   - to overspend
to spoil -   - stingy
a crisis -   - important
to splurge -   - to treat
significant -   - emergency


As Valentine's Day approaches, loved-up Brits are being given ten ways to celebrate their partners on a budget. The penny-pinching pros at NetVoucherCodes have pulled together 10 ways for loved-up couples to spoil their other half without breaking the bank.

With the ongoing cost of living crisis, many Brits will be looking to have a quieter Valentine's this year, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy this romantic day without having to splurge the cash.

Couples looking for fun activities should try making their own cocktails or challenge one another to a bake off.

Those looking for a quieter night can have an indoor picnic by the fireplace or cook one another their favourite restaurant meal at home.

Rebecca Bebbington, online consumer expert at NetVoucherCodes said: "Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to spoil your significant other and although the cost of living is still high, we think people should still be able to enjoy this day with their partners."


  1. Why are many Brits looking to have a quieter Valentine's this year?
  2. Making cocktails or having a bake off are good ideas for who?

10 Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas:

1: Spa Day
2: Have a candlelit dinner
3: Make your own cocktails
4: Have an indoor picnic
5: Build a cozy fort
6: Make playlists
7: Pull out a board game
8: Bake together
9: Have a movie marathon night
10: End your evening with a sunset walk


  1. Have you been affected by the cost of living crisis?
  2. How do you celebrate Valentine's Day in Japan?
  3. Which of the budget-friendly suggestions do you like the best?

Vocabulary Answers

penny-pinching → stingy
to spoil → to treat
a crisis → emergency
to splurge → to overspend
significant → important

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. Because of the ongoing cost of living crisis.
  2. Couples looking for fun activities.

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