Deer crashes into Old Navy store

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Date: 2024/02/22

Difficulty: Elementary A2

PDF: Deer crashes into Old Navy store
YouTube: Deer crashes into Old Navy store

Vocabulary Match

surprise -   - caught
stuck -   - viewers
trapped -   - caught
glass -   - window
entranceway -   - shock
onlookers -   - doorway


People at Cherrydale Point Plaza, a shopping mall in South Carolina, got a surprise when a deer ran through the glass door of an Old Navy store. The deer got stuck between the doors at the entrance for a short time.

"I saw the deer was trapped," said Eric Lasker, who was walking past the shop. "It was all glass. There were two sets of glass doors in the shop's entranceway, and the deer was trying hard to get out."

In the end, the deer found its way out through the broken door it had entered. Onlookers said it appeared to be unhurt.


  1. Where did the deer run into?
  2. Who saw the deer trapped?
  3. What was the deer trying to do?
  4. Did the deer get hurt?


A: Did you see that deer in the store?
B: Yes, it ran right through the glass door!
A: It was stuck for a while, wasn't it?
B: Yes, but it finally found its way out.
A: I was worried it might get hurt.
B: Luckily, it seemed to be okay.


  1. Have you ever seen a wild animal in an unusual place?
  2. What would you do if you saw an animal stuck somewhere?
  3. Do you live near a shopping mall? How often do you go there?
  4. What do you like to do when you go to the shops?

Vocabulary Answers

surprise → shock
stuck → caught
trapped → caught
glass → window
entranceway → doorway
onlookers → viewers

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. The deer ran into an Old Navy store.
  2. Eric Lasker saw the deer trapped.
  3. The deer was trying to get out.
  4. No, the deer did not get hurt.

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