Hole in the road brings dead man back to life

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Date: 2024/01/16

Difficulty: Intermediate B1

PDF: Hole in the road brings dead man back to life
YouTube: Hole in the road brings dead man back to life

Vocabulary Match

passed away -   - amazing
rites -   - surprising
unexpected -   - died
jolt -   - shock
notorious -   - infamous
extraordinary -   - ceremony


In India, a surprising event occurred involving 80-year-old Darshan Singh Brar. Initially thought to have passed away from a chest infection, he was being transported in an ambulance for his final rites.

However, the journey took an unexpected turn. The ambulance hit a large pothole in the road, and this jolt seemed to bring Mr. Brar back to life. His grandson, noticing his movement, quickly directed the ambulance to the nearest hospital.

There, doctors confirmed that Mr. Brar was indeed alive. This extraordinary incident highlights the impact of India's notorious potholes in a new light. Although they are often seen as a problem, in this rare case, a pothole unexpectedly became a lifesaver.


  1. How was Mr. Brar thought to have passed away?
  2. What unexpected event occurred during the journey?
  3. Who noticed Mr. Brar's movement and redirected the ambulance?
  4. How are potholes usually seen in India?


Grandson: How much longer till we get there?
Driver: Not long now, maybe 10 more minutes.
Grandson: My granddad hated driving, said there were too many potholes.
Mr. Brar: BUMP! ... Ohhh!!! What happened?! Where am I?! Ohhh, my poor back!
Grandson: Granddad! You're alive! Quick! To the hospital!
Mr. Brar: Ohhh.. Why am I so hungry?!


  1. How would you react if you were the grandson in this situation?
  2. Have you ever experienced anything strange or surprising in a vehicle?
  3. What is your opinion about the condition of roads in your city?
  4. What would you like for your final meal?

Vocabulary Answers

passed away → died
rites → ceremony
unexpected → surprising
jolt → shock
notorious → infamous
extraordinary → amazing

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. He was thought to have passed away from a chest infection.
  2. The ambulance hit a pothole which seemed to bring Mr. Brar back to life.
  3. His grandson noticed his movement and redirected the ambulance.
  4. They are usually seen as a problem.

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