Family dog eats $4,000 in cash

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Date: 2024/01/05

Difficulty: Intermediate B1

PDF: Family dog eats $4,000 in cash
YouTube: Family dog eats $4,000 in cash

Vocabulary Match

containing -   - bits
goldendoodle -   - bitten
swallowed -   - kind of dog
chewed -   - ate
pieces -   - animal doctor
vet -   - holding


Cecil, a dog from Pittsburgh, ate an envelope containing $4,000. His owners, Clayton and Carrie Law, left the cash on the kitchen counter. They needed this money for a home project, but the friendly goldendoodle swallowed many of the bills. The rest were chewed into pieces on the floor and had to be taped together.

Clayton and Carrie were surprised. They said Cecil is usually a good dog. He never takes things from the counter, but this time he did. They took Cecil to the vet, who said the dog had swallowed around $2,000. They washed the chewed bills, put them in a bag with gloves, and took them to the bank. The bank helped them get most of their money back.


  1. Where did Cecil's owners leave the cash?
  2. What had to be taped together?
  3. Where did Clayton and Carrie take Cecil?
  4. What did the owners do with the chewed bills?


A: You won't believe what Cecil did!
B: Oh? What did he do this time?
A: He ate the $4,000 I put on the counter!
B: No way. Are you serious?
A: Yeah, he swallowed half of it and chewed the rest!
B: Poor Cecil, is he okay? We better take him to the vet.


  1. Do you have a pet? Has it ever done something naughty?
  2. Have you ever lost something, but later found it? How did you feel?
  3. Have you ever had to repair something that was damaged?
  4. What are some good ways to save money?
  5. Would you like to own a goldendoodle?

Vocabulary Answers

containing → holding
goldendoodle → kind of dog
swallowed → ate
chewed → bitten
pieces → bits
vet → animal doctor

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. They left the cash on the kitchen counter.
  2. The bills on the floor had to be taped together.
  3. They took him to the vet.
  4. They washed them, put them in a bag with gloves, and took them to the bank.

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