Lawson's new chicken campaign

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Date: 2023/09/05

Difficulty: Elementary A2

PDF: Lawson's new chicken campaign
YouTube: Lawson's new chicken campaign

Vocabulary Match

sneaky -   - hair above mouth
worth -   - value
promo -   - advertising
outfit -   - unfair
employee -   - staff
moustache -   - clothing


Lawson, a popular convenience store in Japan, has an exciting game for their Twitter fans! Here's how it works: If you follow Lawson on Twitter and share a special message with the hashtag "Fried Chicken Boy is Sneaky", you could win a QUO card worth 10,000 yen. What's a QUO card? It's a special card in Japan you can use to buy things with.

But there's more! Lawson has also released a funny promo video. In this video, the famous actor Tomio Umezawa visits Lawson. He's wearing a bright pink and yellow aerobics outfit. At the store, he meets Orin, a well-known singer. She's dressed like a Lawson employee. She tells him: "Our regular chicken is full of protein. It's like getting half your daily protein just from this!" Tomio is amazed. Suddenly, he starts dancing with four other men, all in colorful clothes and with big moustaches.

So, watch the video, join the fun on Twitter, and you might just win!


  1. What can you win if you participate in the game?
  2. Who does Umezawa meet at the Lawson store?


A: Alright then! What should I eat today?
B: Hello sir! Oh? What's with the fancy sports clothes?
A: Oh, I'm really into working out these days!
B: I see. Well, in that case. I recommend this chicken!
A: Hmm... I do want to eat it, but not right now.
B: But look at this! It's got half your daily protein!

Key Phrase

  1. I'm really into working out these days!
  2. I'm really into baking bread these days.
  3. I'm really into knitting scarves lately.
  4. I'm really into collecting spoons recently.
  5. I'm really into making origami hats nowadays.
  6. I'm really into silent discos these days.
  7. I'm really into extreme ironing at the moment.


  1. What do you like to buy at convenience stores?
  2. What's the funniest outfit you've ever worn?
  3. Who is your favorite actor or actress?

Vocabulary Answers

sneaky → unfair
worth → value
promo → advertising
outfit → clothing
employee → staff
moustache → hair above mouth

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. You can win a QUO card worth 10,000 yen.
  2. He meets Orin, a well-known singer.

Discussion Answers (examples)

  1. Oh, I like to buy melon bread, instant noodles, coffee and potato chips.
  2. Hmm... oh yes! I once dressed up as a Christmas cake.
  3. Umm... I like Hirose Suzu the best. She was in the movie "Chihayafuru." You should watch it, Nick!

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