Three men rescued from inflatable duck

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Date: 2023/06/10

Difficulty: Upper Intermediate B2

PDF: Three men rescued from inflatable duck

Vocabulary Match

inflatable -   - naming
drifting -   - onlooker
offshore -   - on dry land
bystander -   - at sea
ashore -   - floating
dubbing -   - balloon


During their usual Tuesday training on June 6th, Appledore Royal National Lifeboat Institution's volunteers were directed by the Coastguard to Westward Ho! Beach due to a reported offshore drifting inflatable. Three men had taken an inflated duck and a kayak into the sea, but quickly drifted about 75 meters out. Despite efforts by the kayaker to push them back, they continued to drift further.

The Coastguard was notified when they were approximately 200 meters offshore. A bystander promptly paddled out to assist and managed to tow the inflatable closer to the beach, enabling the men to swim ashore. However, the inflatable was immediately carried back out to sea. The lifeboat arrived as all the men reached shore safely. Crew member Des Elsemore swam in to check on them and praised the paddler's quick actions, dubbing him the real lifesaver of the day. After the incident, the lifeboats returned to their exercise.


  1. What did the men take into the sea?
  2. What did the bystander do?


A: Mate, we're drifting further than planned, aren't we?
B: Sure seems like it, more like an ocean adventure now.
A: Should've brought the GPS instead of beer, huh?
B: Well, at least we won't go thirsty!
A: Perhaps we should've stuck to the pool?
B: Right, or maybe just put a rubber duckie in a bathtub!


  1. Have you ever seen or had trouble in the water?
  2. When did you learn to swim? What memories do you have?
  3. Have you ever been kayaking, jet skiing or done other water sports?
  4. What safety precautions do you take when out in nature?

Vocabulary Answers

inflatable → balloon
drifting → floating
offshore → at sea
bystander → onlooker
ashore → on dry land
dubbing → naming

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. The men took an inflated duck and a kayak into the sea.
  2. He paddled out to assist and managed to tow the inflatable closer to the beach.

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