LA Lakers fan gets LeBron James shaved into his hair

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Date: 2023/05/09

Difficulty: Elementary A2

PDF: LA Lakers fan gets LeBron James shaved into his hair
YouTube: LA Lakers fan gets LeBron James shaved into his hair

Vocabulary Match

shaved -   - 5th
talented -   - skilled
championships -   - near
close -   - getting close to
reaching -   - titles
fifth -   - cut


A fan of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team has shown his love for LeBron James by having a picture of him shaved into the back of his head.

The hair stylist who did it is very talented and has shared pictures of his work on Instagram. LeBron James is a very good basketball player and has won four championships with different teams. He is trying to win his fifth championship with the Lakers this year. They are close to reaching the Western Conference finals, but they need to win one more game.

Some fans think LeBron James is one of the best basketball players ever, but others think Michael Jordan is better.


  1. What did the fan do to show his love for LeBron James?
  2. How many championships has LeBron James won?
  3. How many more games do the Lakers need to win?


A: Hey, I saw that guy with LeBron James shaved into his hair!
B: Yeah, that was crazy! I wonder how long it took.
A: I don't know, but it looked really good. I might get something like that too.
B: Really? Who would you get shaved into your hair?
A: Hmm, maybe Kobe Bryant. He was a great player for the Lakers, too.
B: Yeah, that would be cool. But you better find a really good hair stylist!


  1. Would you ever get a picture of your favorite athlete shaved into your hair?
  2. What sports do you like? Do you support a team?
  3. Who's your favorite athlete?
  4. Who do you think is the sporting G.O.A.T? (Greatest Of All Time)

Vocabulary Answers

shaved → cut
talented → skilled
championships → titles
close → near
reaching → getting close to
fifth → 5th

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. The fan had a picture of LeBron James shaved into the back of his head.
  2. LeBron James has won four championships.
  3. The Lakers need to win one more game.

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