Japanese schools rethink name tags for privacy

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Date: 2023/03/26

Difficulty: Upper Intermediate B2

PDF: Japanese schools rethink name tags for privacy
YouTube: Japanese schools rethink name tags for privacy

Vocabulary Match

embroidered -   - cancel
abolish -   - removable
targeted -   - think again
detachable -   - useful
reconsider -   - stitched
practical -   - attacked


A growing number of Japanese junior high schools are reconsidering the practice of displaying students' names on school uniforms to protect their privacy and security. While name tags have advantages, such as helping teachers and fellow students remember names, concerns about children being targeted or harassed have led schools to review their policies.

The education ministry leaves the decision to each school, rather than local governments or education boards. Due to a series of incidents, schools are now debating the disadvantages of eliminating name tags versus maintaining them for practical purposes.

Some have changed their policies to allow students to hide their embroidered names when outside of school, while others are considering using detachable name tags or abolishing them altogether. Yohei Morikawa, vice principal at Kadoma Municipal Daiyon Junior High School, said, "By stopping the use (of embroidered names), we can increase safety by protecting privacy."


  1. What are the advantages of displaying names on uniforms?
  2. Why are schools reconsidering the use of name tags?


A: Hey, did you hear our school might stop putting embroidered name tags on our uniforms?
B: Yeah, I think it's a good idea. It helps protect our privacy, right?
A: True, but what if people forget our names? They'll just stop talking to us.
B: Don't worry, we'll just have to introduce ourselves more often!
A: Maybe we can have detachable name tags instead.
B: That's a good compromise. Let's suggest it to.. erm… what's that teacher's name again?


  1. How important is privacy for students at school?
  2. What are some other ways to help students remember each other's names?
  3. How can schools balance security with practical needs?
  4. Should schools consult students and parents when making decisions about school policies?

Vocabulary Answers

embroidered → stitched
abolish → cancel
targeted → attacked
detachable → removable
reconsider → think again
practical → useful

Quiz Answers (examples)

  1. They help teachers and fellow students remember names.
  2. They are concerned about protecting students' privacy and security following a series of incidents.

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